Got some rubbish?
Don't chuck it out or stuff it in a cupboard: Revamp it!

There's a fantastic mix of recycled craft projects for you, whether you're a recycled crafts newbie or looking for more inspiration. The projects are fun and doable for all ages. We'll help you be thrifty and take care of the environment whilst producing amazing and even useful creations to brighten up your space!

Scrumptious free buttons with all Blissed Out with Buttons book

book covers festive crafts Blissed Out with Buttons book Children's recycling book

Recycled crafts and kits available in our mini shop.

Try our FREE sock bunny guide

Organisations can choose crafts from the brochure to suit your event or for a jam-packed Train the Trainer session.

Host your own Rubbish Revamped special event for a birthday or hen party, or just gather some mates and choose what you fancy from the brochure.

Did you know that being creative is good for you too? Research shows the positive powers of arts in mental and physical health. So give yourself - or your friends, family and colleagues - some crafty therapy with our recycled craft books and workshops.

Contact Danielle at or
on 07910 270 789 to find out more.

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The 4 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Revamp, Recycle