Do you love nature/sustainability, thrive on creativity and ... something about thrift/not being wasteful .... - you're in the right place. 
Expressing yourself, being productive, appreciative and grateful for natural and human-made resources you have around you, sustainability. Enjoying the process of creativity or being in nature. sustainability. 
More specifically: 
1. Recycled crafts: revamp human-made goods that have lost their purpose (CDs), become non-recyclable rubbish (cat food pouches), were never wanted in the first place (junkmail). Giving something a new lease of life, treasuring a memory. 
2. Thrifty gardening: Swaps, creating new plants from old (see CPS leaflet), seed saving, thrifty gardening techniques
3. Make the difference: alternative products that help reduce waste and enjoying creativity in other ways (not necessarilty crafting or gardening, and all with practical uses): making your own household or beauty products. Crochet/knit pan scrubbers, face wipes; beeswax food wraps, kitchen roll from old t-shirts; menstrul pads, patches and visible mending, rag rug, umbrella bag, newspaper basket, desk tidies from tins, draught excluder, juice carton wallet, rag rug, produce bags, shopping bags
                                                                                                                            *  Rethink * Reduce * Reuse * Revamp * Repair * Recycle * Rehome * Respect *