Welcome to beginning of a set of resources to enthuse and support you to enjoy creative ways to make a difference to our beautiful world in how we use its resources.
When I set up Rubbish Revamped recycled crafts in 2009, I added *Revamp* to the well-known Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mantra. A decade later, I'd like to investigate and share further ideas beginning with the letter R from the world of sustainability, including: Rethink, Repair, Rehome or Regift, Respect, Refill, Rot, Refuse, Rethink and Repurpose. They are all food for thought, aren't they? Are there any others you follow? Let me know and I can add them.
The ethos of this page, Make the Difference, is not just to inspire you to tread gently on this earth, but to inspire you to physically make the items that enable your more sustainable life.  Of course it's still worthwhile if you are buying resuable waxed wraps instead of single-use clingfilm or buying a canvas shopping bag instead of making one. But for those who enjoy a creative activity, it is deeply satisfying to make something that 'Makes a difference'.

Want to Make the Difference? Here's some creative projects to try. The title shows the less sustainable item, and the text offers some alternatives, many taking you to wonderful guides created by splendid people whose work you will undoubtedly enjoy exploring.

Instead of single-use plastic or paper grocery bags... Sew some re-usable bags from old net curtains or other lightweight fabric. Here's a step-by-step guide from Wellness Mama. I made some very lightweight ones with netting as well as some from old shirts. I made one from a shirt with a see-through panel in the middle, but that was a bit of a faff!

Instead of single-use plastic or paper shopping bags... Sew some re-usable bags old fabric like curtains, sheets or even clothing. Here’s a pattern from Morsbags who kicked off encouragement to make re-usable shopping bag use several years ago. 

Instead of liquid soap in plastic bottles ... Buy or make your own soap bars. It’s great fun making your own soap too and really easy with pre-made melt & pour soap. Add your own textures, colours and scents. If you want to make soap bars from scratch, using what’s called the cold process method, you’ll find good guidance from Tanya at Lovely Greens. Start with her introduction to soapmaking, then explore her plentiful other guides.

Instead of throw-away, make-up removal pads ... Use scraps of left-over fabric to sew your own reusable ones. Here's a nice little DIY guide for make-up remover pads from Kukaru Designs.

Instead of plastic clingfilm ... Make beeswax wraps using old cotton shirts or sheets. Here's a step-by-step guide for some wraps from Less Stuff.

Instead of wrapping paper... Use newspaper and embellish with potato stamping or other decorations.

Instead of sanitary pads ... Make your own re-usable pads. See this guide from Vicky at Luna Wolf 

Instead of  buying new clothes... Have a go at mending your much loved clothes. Enjoy the fun of visible mending. Here's some gorgeous examples from The Spruce Crafts literally showcasing the art of clothes mending.

Instead of throwing out unmendale socks ... Turn them into Sock Monsters

Instead of buying overpackaged boxed herbal teas ... Grow or forage for plants and herbs to create your own mix. My own frequently used favourites include nettles, mint, self-heal, lemon balm, plantain, rosemary and sage from my garde ; and rosebay willow herb, pineapple weed and lime tree (linden) flowers that I've foraged for. Many of these are lovely to add to your usual black or green tea too. Check out different plants' properties before you pick any, especially if you're out foraging. There's plenty of useful guides online. 

Instead of buying deoderant in single-use containers ... Make your own from ingredients in your kitchen cupboard. Guide from Jen Gale's Sustainable(ish).