The world has gone mousevaark mad. That's actually a good thing, as mousevaarks have many beneficial effects on those that think they own them. In fact you will just become its assistant. But in the nicest possible way. To welcome a mousevaark, or two or twelve (you know who you are) into your life, you will need to avail yourself of the mousevaark pattern guide. This comes nicely packed within the Rubbish Revamped booklet, How to Make Monsters & Monkeys, which cost £.250 for a digital download.  Yep, just £2.50 for a future life beholden to making, entertaining, feeding biscuits to and being enthralled by your new sock friends. Buy the guide here How to Make Monsters & Monkeys  and you'll get an immediate digital download.
Then... go and see the madness that are other mousevaark owners on their very own facebook group at

There's a few vaarks on Twitter too, although they don't helpfully congregate in just one space. You could start by following Ratvaark who was the pioneer social media star for the species.  And if you want to investigate all mousevaarks on Twitter, well, grab a bottle of wine or a pot of tea, and check out this list of Mousevaarks on Twitter